We offer training courses on several topics related to hydraulics. Each course consists of lessons that are easy to understand through videos and explanatory texts. A trainer explains the main components of hydraulics to you. Super simple and easy to remember! You can check and deepen your newly acquired knowledge in the practical exercises following each lesson and in the final quiz.







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Health and Safety Briefing

https://www.elearning-maximator.de/wp-content/uploads/sicherheitsvideos/Sicherheitsvideo_English_V03.mp4 In order to ensure a safe and pleasant stay in our premises, you will find below the most important [...]

Hydraulics Basics

In this module you will learn how forces and movements in machines can be transmitted by means of a hydraulic fluid

Gas Boosters and Air Amplifiers (DLE & PLV)

In this module you will learn how to compress gases up to 2400 bar with only 10 bar compressed air using Maximator gas boosters and air amplifiers.

High Pressure Pump

In this module you will learn how to generate incredible 7000 bar hydraulic pressure with only 10 bar compressed air.

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